I studied Fine Art, printmaking and textiles before becoming a full-time painter.

Nature and landscape have always been inspirational, particularly the Scottish coast and islands. I first visited Scotland when I was seven and it has left an indelible mark.

I love using watercolour for its fluidity and translucency. It is also easily transportable. Many years ago, the majority of my work was painted en-plein air. They were usually small spontaneous paintings, that I hoped would capture my excitement, and that particular magical light witnessed only in the Hebrides. Watercolour is the perfect medium to capture this fleeting light, and although I still immerse myself in the landscape from time to time, I feel I can achieve another dimension when I am in the studio; it affords me more time to reflect and a free rein to experiment.

I drew constantly as a child and still find it hard to resist the urge to draw into my paintings. I try to add a linear quality to the work often to accentuate an angle or shape.

 Although my recent work is becoming more abstract, I am told it still retains a suggestion of reality. Water and light are key inspirational elements, so water appears quite often in the composition. Combining imagination, colour and mark making, I am striving to develop a language; one that I hope will convey my emotional response and excitement. I hope to share this journey with you, walking this fine line between abstraction and reality, as my pleasure is twofold if I am able to convey the excitement I experience.