Heather Davies

I would say my work is a combination of painting and drawing in mixed media. I drew constantly as a child, so find it difficult to resist the urge to draw into the work.

Always experimenting, I am continually looking for new and exciting ways to add other dimensions. My enjoyment is purely selfish at this point, although I am always hoping to translate a message and strike a chord. Recent experiments have been with ink and gouache; a strange addition for me as I have always loved the translucency of pure watercolour and hated the opache quality of gouache. This has produced some very distinctive qualities.

Another development has been layering of colours; this would also have been an anathema to me years ago, as my watercolours were finished at one sitting. I used to really enjoy the immediacy of painting out of doors capturing a fleeting moment, and although this is still enjoyable, I am not content with this traditional approach, preferring a more contemplative method which I can only achieve in the studio.

With the more recent addition of layering I hope to achieve a greater depth. My painting could be viewed as abstract, although there is often a suggestion of reality. This brings me to inspiration. I suppose we all have many images floating in our heads, often from earliest childhood. These images I realise find their way into the work again and again. For many years I was inspired by harbours and felt I needed to be close to my inspiration. I lived by the sea and could paint the sea from the doorstep. Although these images of water do still find their way into my work albeit in an abstract form, they are now conjured from my memory.

My finished painting could then be described as a combination of abstraction and the perceived reality.